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2013-04-03 12:33:55
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Welcome to Elf12! What is Elf12, you wonder? Elf12 is an internet community for like-minded teenagers to interact with one another in a positive and safe environment, watched by parents and governed by the Council and Guards.

Elf12 has many different things you can do and take part in; you get your own profile (called your "house"), you can private message members, you can create your own forums and even your own webpages -- which you can make viewable by site members, certain people or everyone, those are known as the wiki.

In your house, you can write up a profile about yourself and tell people about your hobbies, your likes and your dislikes. In addition, you can post a few pictures of yourself or others (if you have permission, of course) and post links to the wiki-pages that you like.

The wiki-pages and forums are places where members can gather to show things and discuss subjects and they can be created by anyone -- and ownership of them is transferable from one person to another. There are many, many different features within the wiki and forums; check out the help pages to learn more about those.

Elf12 has some rules, of course. The rules on Elf12 are designed to maintain a peace and order, in addition to making the site more "friendly" than the other social networking sites such as Myspace or Facebook. While that does mean that we are more strict and more moderated, it also ensures that questionable content is kept to a nearly non-existent minimum.

There are many things to take part in within Elf12, as well. Many of the things you can do can be seen from the mainpage, Mainstreet, and others you will discover as you explore this site. Elf12 is a pretty vast site with alot to do and try out as long as you're willing, and we love to encourage the artistic and creative side of our members.

We hope you enjoy your time here, and if you have any questions, concerns or complaints, feel free to contact Grand Mog [Yuriona], Vice Mog [Angelo] or any of the Council members.


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