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2010-04-06 00:39:27
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These are the behavior rules for Elf12. While we try to encourage everyone on Elf12 to have fun and enjoy themselves, some people take pleasure in making others unhappy, and some people are generally offended by things. To ensure the peace here, we've put these simple rules in place to make sure that everyone gets to fully enjoy Elf12 and its features. The Guards and Council enforce these rules, and members who break them repeatedly, or who commit a gross (major) offense against other members may end up being banned.


The Rules

<img:stuff/Nbullet6a.jpg?x=10> Be nice. This is the single most important rule on Elf12. Respect other members and expect them to respect you in return.
    If another member is mean or disrespectful, then do not hesitate to report them to the Guards.
<img:stuff/Nbullet6a.jpg?x=10> When uploading pictures of yourself or others, make sure you have their permission to use the picture, and it is not lewd; meaning no nudity, sexually provocative images or rude gestures. 
<img:stuff/Nbullet6a.jpg?x=10> Make sure you know and understand the Uploading Art Rules.
<img:stuff/Nbullet6a.jpg?x=10> Don't harass members or pick fights with members over things that happened outside Elf12. If you do, you will get in trouble.
<img:stuff/Nbullet6a.jpg?x=10> Try not to swear on public pages. While it is understandable that people do sometimes say inappropriate words, this is a site for all ages.
<img:stuff/Nbullet6a.jpg?x=10> All copyrighted pictures and texts are never allowed in any official contests, or official wikipages.
    ** Exception: This does not apply to Jokes, as jokes cannot be legally copyrighted.
<img:stuff/Nbullet6a.jpg?x=10> For Kids: When talking to someone new, make sure your guardian is around to read the messages the person sends you.
    (While the Council and Guards take all possible measures to keep "bad" people out of Elf12, help from the guardians is always nice.)

The Guidelines

These are not official siterules, but more like advice.

<img:stuff/Nbullet6a.jpg?x=10> Always have fun! That's what Elf12 is designed for.
<img:stuff/Nbullet6a.jpg?x=10> Look around, enter contests and talk to people. Make new friends.
<img:stuff/Nbullet6a.jpg?x=10> Get to know the Guards and Council members. We're here to help you.
<img:stuff/Nbullet6a.jpg?x=10> Never be afraid to file a Guard report. The one you reported will never know, even if it's a report on a Guard or Councilor.
<img:stuff/Nbullet6a.jpg?x=10> If in doubt, ask for help. There's lots of people around Elf12 who can help with most anything.
<img:stuff/Nbullet6a.jpg?x=10> Get to know the forums and how to use them. They're great for communication.
<img:stuff/Nbullet6a.jpg?x=10> Make a wiki page or two. You can post almost anything you'd like in them.
<img:stuff/Nbullet6a.jpg?x=10> If you think Elf12 is missing something, or something bothers you, then mention it on suggestions.
<img:stuff/Nbullet6a.jpg?x=10> If at any point you think something is wrong, or someone is bothering you, talk to one of the Guards. You can private message them if needed.
<img:stuff/Nbullet6a.jpg?x=10> If you see something that seems "wrong", then please send a report about it. If you're not sure if it's reportable, then please message one of the Guards or Council members.
<img:stuff/Nbullet6a.jpg?x=10> Parents: Help your child out. Spend time with them. It's great bonding.
<img:stuff/Nbullet6a.jpg?x=10> Kids: If any any point you get any kind of message you're not sure about, talk to one of the Guards or a Council member. We're here to help you, and make sure you feel safe.

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