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2011-08-02 02:29:29
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we are currently trying to get elf12 up and running, so if the public look at the mainstreet then please don't hesitate to come join, you will be welcomed.


adoptables pages have been updated to there propper format by [sammie h!].

We are also trying to get ELF12 to be a much safer place.

Username (or number or email):


2011-08-03 [sammie h!]: Like who would that be, after the help I have done on here, I wouldn't think it would be me, win win.

2011-08-03 [sammie h!]: I'll do things without the privs or badges, as this is what I like to do, I don't care about the privs or badges, I just like to help

2011-08-03 [Angelo]: =)
There's still not much to do around here, though...
Even if I did give you every single official job and Guard-powers, you'd still have nothing to do. x)

2011-08-03 [sammie h!]: I would find something, you don't know what i'm like lol :)

2011-08-03 [djxmonster]: I'd say what you are like but this is a place for kids :)

2011-08-04 [sammie h!]: Which you can't get any on here, because the parents don't trust you, because they see you are the same person from EG elftown and seen how the certain person has spoken to someone, then thinks "I don't want my kid being in that situation" and go else wear, I tried to make this site better, as a lot can be done, but your all to lazy to see it and think that it won't work, I can make this feel like a child friendly site, I have a degree in child care, that's how I can make this site better.

[Angelo]: Would you rather crew members be on here who don't really know how to talk to kids properly because they are engrossed in Elftown to much, or people that are qualified to deal with kids and know how to talk to them in the right way and to make them feel safe and settled on the internet, and also a person who can ensure the parents that there child would be safe, think about it, I'm not having a go, just helping out :)

2011-08-04 [djxmonster]: [sammie h!] you are really not helping yourself... you're crazy if you think ANY Heddate site would let you on staff after your actions on here and ET

2011-08-04 [sammie h!]: What actions on here, go on, say them, right on this wiki, come on, or are you chicken

2011-08-04 [sammie h!]: ET is a different site to here, I have helped on here a lot, but none of you seem to appreciate that, do you

2011-08-04 [djxmonster]: All you do is help out a little and then freak out if it's not noticed right away. You're incredibly immature and annoying. You automatically assume that because EVERYONE doesn't give you constant praise, that we don't appreciate any help.

Here's the deal: If you're going to act like a baby every time you 'help' with something, we'd rather you didn't help at all.

2011-08-04 [sammie h!]: Here's another deal: stop being mouthy and nasty to me, and I will help without expecting anything, otherwise I will carry on being annoying, you choose, the crew stop being vial and get my help (which is needed) or the crew carry on acting like this (which is not needed on a child friendly site, I'm pregnant and when my kids older I want to be able to recommend them to this site, not to tell them to avoid it). Its the crews choice, [Angelo] speaks for the crew so let him have his say. :)

2011-08-04 [djxmonster]: Mouthy? YOU asked me to say what I thought. Your help is NOT NEEDED, it's appreciated. However, we can find plenty of people willing to help that are mature.

2011-08-04 [sammie h!]: Thanks, but unless [Angelo] agrees, I will not go, understood?


2011-08-04 [djxmonster]: xD I don't care if you go or not... if you left, I'd have almost nothing to do!

2011-08-04 [sammie h!]: OK, i'll stay

lol, no worries

2011-08-04 [sammie h!]: I'll find some work for you to do, like fxing wikis and main street

2011-08-04 [djxmonster]: You'll find work for me? xD

2011-08-04 [Angelo]: I speak for the entire Council, go me! :3
I just speak as the Senior Council Member/Advisor person.

For a true Council response, I'd have to ask them all what they think and then give a response. (Which is generally only done with extreme decisions.)

Sammie, or Sam, or Becca, or whatever your current screen name happens to be, if you want to help out, I have an idea.
Look around Elf12, look at the features and pages, and make a relatively small list of things that you think are the most important, and why. I'll use that, and opinions from other members, to go off of what should be placed on Elftown.
(And before you ask, no page-access privs are needed for that. The Council-only pages wouldn't be made public anyway, and you shouldn't need to edit anything to look at them.)

If you somehow run into an issue with this, you can contact either djx, or myself. (Or any other Council member who is online.)

Also -- stop implying Elf12 isn't safe and parents are not trusting of the situation. The biggest problem is that children like to be outside, and we're not going to encourage them to stop socializing in the real world to come and stay online. =3 Elf12 is sort of a "rainy day" site, so to speak.
We're not well known, because by throwing adverts for a "Site for children to frolic and be free, amongst other children" everywhere, it also means that.. unsavory people can see those and try to get in. :P

2011-08-04 [sammie h!]: who the hell is becca, what the hell is going on, I want to know, NOW!!

They don't even come here on a rainy day lol

2011-08-04 [Angelo]: Well, since you asked.

Becca is you, or at least, Becca is a person on Elfpack who has the same password as your fiancee (and you), the same login time as both of you, lives in the same general location as both of you, and shares very similar styles of typing, talking, and thinking to you. You two might also share the same IP, but I don't remember and I can't check anymore as your application was denied.

You completely disregarded my idea, by the way. If you'd like to do that, please inform me.

Also, please watch what you say. Bear in mind I'm Simpet on Elftown, and that you really hit my patience for you quite hard. I'm getting tired of negative remarks about Elf12, true or not. =)

2011-08-04 [sammie h!]: If your getting tired of the negative remarks, then stop bringing elftown into the arguments then

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